Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So.. it wasn't water!

I had to post this entry to follow up my previous one a few hours ago.

Here's the story: This morning, I woke up at 4:25 so I could run my usual 6.2km at 4:30am. I woke up feeling fine and ran out the door with my mp3 as usual. I noticed that forty or so minutes into my run that my left earphone had stopped working at its full capacity. No problem because this has happened several times and is my third set of earphones. I got home, took off my mp3, and noticed that my left ear had swollen shut. I couldn't figure it out. I assumed I had just an earache of some kind and that it would work itself out in a few days. So, Nancy, Harley, and I set off for the swimming pool at 6am. It wasn't the best of ideas to go swimming with an alleged earache, but I had made a promise to Nancy and Harley to go at that time so I stuck to it. All the while, I kept trying to pop my ear and get the water out of it in between laps. It wasn't working. I left the pool after finishing my 600m. Usually, I enjoy socializing and hanging out for a bit. Today, I just wanted to go home and lie down because of my earache. I imagined that if I took a nap, I would wake up with no worries. Upon waking up, my earache was still full speed ahead. Dammit! Then, something came to me! How could my ear suddenly close up during my run? Had it shut the night before and I had simply not noticed it because of the early rise and shine? Then.. it happened! You know what I'm talking about! The ever popular "light bulb above the head" moment! "Check your mp3 earphones!" Thus, I did. And whattayaknow?!? The rubber piece covering the left earphone was ...dun dun dunnnnn... MISSING!! That's right! It was trapped in my ear! I abruptly called my lovely friend, Giao, who works at the hospital. She said to get down to her department right away. So I did. She looked inside my ear and could see the foreign object. Luckily, she had some medical tools at her disposal (i.e. tweezers and a toothpick) and after some time of painful repositioning of the rubber piece, pulled it out complete with traces of ear wax. Giao was wonderful, all the time speaking words of comfort like, "Sit down! Stop being weak! It's no big deal!" She later told me that the pressure of the water from swimming had lodged it deeply inside my ear, but she kept telling me it was a small problem because she didn't want me to be any more scared than I already was. ha!

So all that to say, earlier in the day I posted a blog about having an earache because of water in my ear. So, yeah, it wasn't exactly water that was buried next to my ear drum. Below are some wonderful photos I took of the alien that creeped into my orifice.

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    Anonymous Johnny said...

    I'm Johnny, I didn't see you online, why?

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