Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beer-Free Karaoke

Tonight was one of the student's birthdays from our school - from the Mystery Class, actually. This is a very special class to Sophia as it is her first class of adults. She's done such a wonderful job teaching them. Anyway, the birthday boy's English name is Kute, and his whole class came along tonight so we celebrated with cake and karaoke. I am, of course, on my new and improved health kick so I can proudly say that I did not eat any cake nor did I drink any beer. Katie and Sophia came along as well, and we all sang and had a great time. And.. .there was a special hip hop session in our room when a couple of the students (Kute included) sporadically displayed their breakdancing skills for us. Lots of entertainment, indeed! And lots of fun!

Oh! the best part of the night was that we all made a bet. If our score for our performance was lower than 90, we had to pitch in 10,000 Vietnamese Dong (55 cents). I sang two songs, I paid 20,000 VND. Perhaps it was the non-existence of beer in my system causing me to sing poorly? After I knock a few beers back, I think I sound pretty darn good! An off night for me as I usually sing like an angel, as my friend, Terre, once told me. ha! This is complete and utter sarcastic undertone, by the way.

Enjoy the photos below of our singin'-dancin'-breakin' good time!

The birthday boy, Kute!
As is Vietnamese culture, the men and boys took to one side of the room...
And the women and girls took to the other side of the room.
And then there's Katie and me.. we kinda just stick ourselves in the middle or wherever.
Here's the "You suck at singing" box. For the longest time, I was the only contributor.
And there was singing. Here's Sophia entertaining us all with a lovely Vietnamese song.
And then there was dancing!
Something I had never seen before: Singing a Chinese song, reading the Chinese characters and all. Don't know why, but it was a bit of a shock for me to see this.
And then came the random display of breakdancing.
Kute gave his best effort, but he gave up after banging his head and elbow one too many times on the floor.They tried to persuade me to do a back handspring for them, but it was late and I was having no part in that madness.

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