Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Food Lesson at VietCom Bank

So, as mentioned in a previous blog entry, I now teach English to the bank managers at VietCom Bank here in Bien Hoa City. The chapter we are studying now is about food items - countable and uncountable. Last week, we studied cereal, and they just couldn't understand this alien food I was describing to them as here they eat rice and noodles for breakfast. They asked me to bring them some so that they could get a grasp of what I was talking about. So today as promised, I brought in cereal, milk, bowls, and spoons. These bank managers - a very prestigious and revered occupation to have here in Vietnam - transformed into school children, giddy with laughter at the new food they were experiencing. I forgot that the Vietnamese people don't eat much, so they chose to put the cereal in small cups as opposed to the big bowls I brought in. Below are some photos of our wonderful class today.

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