Friday, September 11, 2009

For Real!! I'm serious this time!!

Yes, yes, another weight blog. I promise I'm not always obsessed with weight issues. Okay, maybe a little, but... I've dropped nearly 50 lbs since I've lived here in Vietnam (a bit over a year now), and I've gotten complacent in my exercise and diet regime. Well.. no more!! At my lowest a few months ago (before my birthday and before my diet and exercising all went to crap!) I was 90.9 kg. I came to Vietnam at around 112 kg. So.. roughly.. I've gained 3 kg since my lowest as I'm now at 93.8 kg. I don't want to calculate that into lbs. because I like the low number of the kg better. ha! Anyway, I vowed today (after pigging out on Pizza Hut and Hershey's kisses) to get serious about losing weight. I've become too lazy to get up before dawn and run so I'm actually going to utilize the exercise machine I bought a few months back and just do cardio in my room while watching bootleg (but high quality) movies on my laptop. I'm also going to engage in this foreign idea (to me, anyway) of portion control. I'm not going to so much diet as I'm just going to eat in moderation. However, no more chocolate, candy, cookies, milk, or any junk that is unhealthy. And no beer!!

So... my starting point this time around is 93.8 kg. Will keep you all (and myself) posted on the results. My motivation are these awesome dress pants and hot dress shirt that I've been waiting to debut for months now but never quite got down to the weight to fit into them. They're hanging here for me to see every day! Will put a photo below.

But first! Below are some photos I took tonight in the teachers' office at work.

Over my right shoulder is Mr. Thom teaching Katie some fun tech stuff for her classes!
Here is Ms. Lam in her vivid ao dai. An ao dai is a traditional dress here in Vietnam. She looked exceptionally beautiful tonight.And... the outfit that I'm just ready to jump into when I get to what I think will have to be about 88 kg!! Good luck to me!!

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