Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New World/Horizon Class

Last night, I took my Level 8 class out for coffee and conversation. They have been my class since I first started teaching at my school over a year ago so we've been together a while now. We've been studying about books and magazines for the past couple of weeks so I gave them an activity on Monday, which was to interview each other and write biographies. Last night was the culmination of that event as we all sat around, drank coffee, finished interviews, and gave biography speeches about the person they interviewed. Below are some photos that one of the students, Tyler, took with his phone camera. Not the best quality, but you can get the general idea of my wonderful students! In the end, I was so impressed with their abundance of English speaking and the fact that they took the outing seriously and didn't treat it as a play date.

Bob and Benjin
Mandy, Tyler, and Bob
Me, Harry, and Kelly
Tyler, Bob, and Benjin
Cherry, Mandy, and Tyler
Tyler, me, and Mandy
Me and Harry


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