Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thailand Blog: Animals

My vacation in Thailand was full of astonishment and left such an impression on me for multiple reasons: one of them being the various animals I encountered while there. This entry recognizes that special part of my travel.

Of all the critters I came across, holding a baby white tiger in my lap while feeding it milk was hands down the most memorable of all. Below are some photos of Eric, Amanda, and me with the feline on top of us. What a wonderful experience!

It lovingly hopped into our arms and immediately put its paw around my arm. So sweet.
It kept drinking and drinking and drinking. This kitty was to milk like I am to beer.
Fact: There are only 300 white tigers left in the world today.
Another cat we came across wasn't so friendly as it kept taking swipes at me through its enclosure.
Separated at birth, Mother Elephant and Son.
We went on a night safari and stumbled upon some zebras.
And the funniest spectacle of the night was when we returned to the wildlife park and took a stroll in the dark to see all the inhabitants. The pigmy horses had all been corralled into their stables for the night as it was late. Eric decided to go on a humanitarian effort and free them so he opened the gate, and out they went kicking and bucking. I managed to get a photo of one of the asses. Get it? Asses? It's a picture of an ass's ass? It's funny.

The vacation was one that I will never forget. Touching in so many ways.

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