Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tidbits from Thailand

I'm often surprised about the many things I learn about life and myself while encountering new experiences. I wanted to post some things I came across during my travel:

1. I gained 11 lbs the six days I was in Thailand. Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, Dairy Queen! All these things I hadn't seen since I've lived in Vietnam as we don't have many franchises here. And not to mention the Thai food!! I ate and ate and ate. And ate.

2. Contributing to the 11 lb. gain was the realization that I am no longer allergic to chicken and peanuts. Something strange happened when I turned 21. I developed an allergy to chicken and peanuts. I tried a little chicken curry on the plane ride into Bangkok. I was fine. I decided to try peanuts in hopes that I'd dropped that allergy as well. And whattayaknow?? No more allergies! I ate lots and lots of Snickers bars!! I had 15 years to make up for!

3. I was only in Bangkok one night for a few hours. I spent five days in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand near the mountains and rain forest. There weren't any good souvenirs to be found so I didn't come home with any souvenirs for my students.. except a 5 kg weight gain.

4. I was so surprised to hear some Thai people speaking Hebrew to tourists. I had no idea that Chiang Mai, Thailand, was a popular tourist destination for Israelis.

5. I held a baby white tiger and got to feed it. There are only 300 of these left in the world. I held a baby tiger!!

6. I saw my first lady boy show. It was so interesting. And there are lady boys EVERYWHERE in Thailand.. working at the mall, walking around the airport. And I never knew until I heard them talk as they had their adam's apples covered by clothing or scarves. Beautiful! They were beautiful.

7. I got an authentic Thai massage - for the first time ever. It was lovely. And happy.

8. I climbed up in tree tops, repelled down them, and zip lined over 2km for three hours through the jungle at terrifying heights. I'm terribly scared of heights. It influenced me tremendously as it was something I needed to do to face that fear.

9. I went on a night safari and saw many wild animals. Some of the animals came right up to the tram. It was intense at times. My friend, Eric, freed some horses who were caged. It was funny, liberating, and a bit scary. Mostly funny.

10. I went to a fish spa and had the fungi and bacteria sucked off my feet by fish. At first, it tickled and felt weird. I grew accustomed to it, and it was actually quite relaxing.

11. I got to see my very good friend, Bai, who I went to college with. He is back living with his family in Thailand. Very happy to see him again. He was a great friend to me my last semester of college.

12. I got to spend a lot of time with my dear friend, Eric, of 11 years who I hadn't seen since my birthday in 2006. He really took care of me on the trip, and words can't possibly express the gratitude I feel toward him for ensuring that I had a fantastic experience.

13. I was seriously debating getting Botox done while in Thailand as it is very cheap there. I will be doing it when I go back to visit in April. I'm sure of that!

14. I missed my other half. Tremendously. I knew on this trip more than ever that I want to spend the rest of my life together. I hated being apart. This is the one! This is it! Forever!

I'm sure I will remember a few more things and edit this blog entry as the thoughts come back into my head. Until then....

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