Friday, October 16, 2009

Zip lining in the jungle

I'm home from my vacation in Thailand so now it's time to post a few blogs about my awesome experiences there.

First blog: "The Flight of the Gibbon" jungle zip line and hike. Let me preface this by saying that this all took place in a rain forest. And the words "rain forest" lived up to the name. It RAINED HEAVILY the entire time we were jumping from trees, which made the experience that much scarier!

My great friend for over 11 years, Eric, and I did this jungle zip line hike thing. I thought the zip line was going to be one long zip line, and that was it. I was sooo wrong. It turned out to be a series of ten zip lines or so that was over 2km in length and lasted about three hours. There was also repelling down huge trees in the jungle that freaked me out. I was fine for the first half of the adventure but was traumatized by the repelling down the tree experience where there was nothing to hold onto. Below are some photos of the awesome experience.

All harnessed up and ready to go.
In the van on the way to the jungle.
On a rickety bridge in the treetops. Eric kept shaking the bridge. I was scared.
Eric and I repelled together down a big tree in the Thai jungle.
Eric took a pic of me from above.A photo of the group we went with. Good people.
This is Noa from Israel. We both were emotionally drained after the three-hour experience of jumping out of the jungle tree tops!!
Here I am with our guides. They were funny and helpful.
After finishing jumping out of trees, I did a back handspring for everyone.

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