Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ms. Giao's Wedding Party

Well... my KTV girlfriend 'done run off and got married. Kidding. Kind of. No, really, Hung and Giao make a lovely couple. He's a great guy, and I know he will take excellent care of her. In Vietnamese culture, when married, the new bride leaves her house and moves in with the family of the groom. And by "family of the groom," I'm talking adult brothers and sisters who have yet to marry, parents, grandparents.. it's crowded!

Moving on to today's event.. You've never quite partied until you've been to a traditional Vietnamese wedding party. There's live entertainment, traditional Vietnamese dancers, random family members singing karaoke.. everything! And food food food.. and LOTS of beer! And lots of intoxicated individuals geared up on that liquid courage on the mic belting out a melody - karaoke style! Truly a delightful experience every time I've been so lucky to be invited to one. Below are some photos of the lovely event.

Four of us: Jimmy, Sophia, Lam, and I taxied it over to Binh Dung- the neighboring province - to attend the festivities.
Lovely ladies: Sophia and Lam
Handsome gents: Michael and Jimmy (Color coordination by accident) Really!
Our animated table partners
The four of us with the lovely bride, Giao, and groom, Hung
On our way out, we posed! Well, "I" posed.
One last photo before our departure

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