Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

This blog is totally late, but I just received the photos yesterday from my good friend, Joo Hyun.

I dressed up as Santa on Christmas Eve. However, I either scared the children with my white face or made them angry because I didn't have any candy. Ah well! I had fun :)

The night started outside my front door with a neighborhood block party! Here I am with Rikka, Sophia, Lizz, and Joo Hyun's daughter from Korea, Lily

Mike and Lily
A bit blurry, but there's Santa!
Santa walked across the street to greet everyone. He forgot to bring candy along.
As the disappointed people pleaded for candy, Santa took a beer break.
Santa also speaks Korean! Speaking with Joo Hyun and Lily.. and still on a beer break!
Last photo of the night, Santa with Lily and Joo Hyun.

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