Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month Behind Me

So, I didn't really announce this because my diets usually last about 2 days, and then I feel dumb for professing it to the world. At any rate, I changed my lifestyle on January 1st, starting the new year and a commitment to focus on the BEST me!

For one month, I've not eaten any chocolate, candy, cookies, bread, or cake, and I've not drunk any milk, soda, or beer. I've been playing badminton regularly which gives me a bit of cardio. I wouldn't call this a diet, but I've just changed my lifestyle and eating/drinking habits. Losing weight will take some time, maybe a year for a noticeable decrease because now I've gotten so big that there's just too big an amount to lose. Slowly but surely, I WILL be the size I was two years ago. But this time I'm not going to starve myself nor will I run 5 miles a day every day. I have this record for getting down to a nice weight and then congratulating myself by eating any and everything I want because I've starved myself from those things for whatever period of time. This time, this year is different. I'm not expecting a fast change because this change I've made in my life is for the long run.

Wish me luck as I continue my quest for being the best me I can be :)


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