Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kevin Dacosta Moore

This is my old buddy, Kevin. I recently found out he passed away a few years ago. We were really close friends, having met in New Orleans in the mid 1990s while he was visiting for Mardi Gras. We kept in touch and remained friends into the early 2000s, but I lost track of him after I moved to South Florida. I visited his home in Marietta, GA, a couple of times, but that's the last I heard from him. Since that time, I've tried to reconnect with him. Finally, I googled his name (thank goodness I remembered his middle name as Kevin Moore is so common) and learned of his passing. I'm writing this blog in hopes that someone can tell me what happened to him so I can get some closure. The last time we talked, we had a small disagreement over my cell phone bill (which he set up for me). I guess I just want to know what happened to my friend. Please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at Thanks!


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