Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Job!

I've now been in Vietnam over three years, and I've had the same job since I've been here. I don't like change because I like to be stable and comfortable. Well, I'm stepping out. I've been hired at the first and only international school in my province, Asia Pacific College. This job offers MUCH more money, and it's salary pay. With my job now, I get paid by the classes I teach, and that greatly varies! At my new job, I'll get the same pay, a significant amount more, every month. I get paid holidays, sick days, and weekends off! There's also a Vietnamese TA in every class to grade papers, tests, and translate if need be (but I do just fine with my Vietnamese). This is an AMAZING opportunity, and I start on Monday.

This morning, I observed the high school class I'll be taking over. It's going to require A LOT of patience, but "Patience" is my middle name.

As for my language center, KTV, I'll continue to teach in the evenings until a replacement teacher is found and teach a couple of nights a week in the future. I don't want to stop working at my center because I really love it there. But for the next month, I'll be working two full-time positions - and THAT equals BEAUCOUP money!!

Change is good. So here's to change! Cheers!


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