Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moving on up!!

Here's a look at my new, posh apartment building as seen from my school's rooftop. I'll be moving in and up in exactly two weeks. Here are the Top 10 things I'm looking forward to from getting away from my current neighborhood, Tan Mai, for where I've been over three years:
1. NOT having to say "Hello" to every stinking kid in the neighborhood who sees me pass by only to be replied to with "F*CK YOU!" that they've clearly seen in a movie and have no concept of the meaning.
2. NOT having to rush to work as the school is not even half a mile away. NOT having to zig zag my way through shortcuts via alley ways and dirt roads to get onto the main road. Actually, not even having to get on the main road at all is a plus.
3. Having an actual living room and NOT having to park motorcycles and scooters in it since the apartment building has ground level parking. I'll actually have a living room I can enjoy.
4. This ties in to Number 3, but NOT having to open the door and open the gate to get my scooter in and out, then having to close both the door and gate behind me. At the new apartment, I can just hop in the elevator, take it down to parking level, get on my scooter and GO!
5. Definitely looking forward to the amazing views of the city. My apartment is on the 9th floor allowing for some great scenes.
6. PRIVACY!! OH how I'll enjoy the privacy of an apartment building and not having to be gossiped about, being the only foreigner in the entire neighborhood! There are several foreigners in the building. I'm really looking forward to that.
7. HANH PHUC BAKERY!!!!!!!! Western Style cupcakes and treats, frappuccinos and more goodies will be just across the main road!
8. An exercise track! My treadmill is the most boring thing EVER, especially working out alone. There's a workout room in the complex, but I'll for sure make use of the track!!
9. FRIENDS!!!! My friend, Anandi is on the the same floor as I will be - two doors down, actually, and Mr. Thom and his wife will be just two floors above. No playing hooky from work since both of my bosses are just a few steps away!!
10. SECURITY AND SAFETY! The complex is gated with a security guard station. No unexpected visitors or lottery ticket sellers can just pop in! And no having to enclose myself in or worry about petty theft. Peace of mind!
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